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  • 13 with Vivafit
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Personal20 offers a 20 minute FUTURISTIC workout. New Technology – Whole Body Electronic Muscle Stimulation, provides a quick workout with all the benefits of a 90 minute training. Ideal for people who are busy, new to exercise, recovering from injury, back pain, active or athlete needing to recover and/or enhance their training. For anyone who has ever tried to get fit and failed. This business works well both as a stand alone studio and/or as a “Corner” in an existing business. This trend of Electro training is already sweeping through Europe. Now the founders of fitness franchise Vivafit - have brought Personal20 to the USA, led by Connie Ruiz, responsible for the USA market. The Personal20 showcase location is at the entrance of Sport&Health Worldgate Club, in Herndon, VA. Personal20 is powered by E-Fit, the only EMS technology with FDA clearance.

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Inside the Personal20 futuristic workout studio

Personal20 delivers a 20 minute Whole Body Electronic Muscle Stimulation workout that is the equivalent to 90 minutes in the gym. Amazing results, thanks to new...

Franchisor Personal20, Electro Fitness Studio in Herndon FL

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